Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How this began....

About a month ago (or maybe it was two) I had this thought. I wanted a way to honor Noah and be able to honor all babies gone too soon and I wanted to do it in a more tangible way that costs less than the pendants. *which, btw I am still making but am STILL waiting on them to be ordered!! It's a money issue (isn't it always??)* I have these markers that write on windows that I had bought the kids forever ago so that they could draw on our glass door. They are always and forever drawing pictures in the condensation which just about drives me nuts since it always has to be cleaned due to that!! Anyway, I wrote Noah's name there on the door and saw it framed by the beautiful sky above and thought that it would be an even lovelier picture if it were in this beautiful antique mirror that we have which used to be Phillip's grandmother's mirror.

So I grabbed the mirror and headed outside. It was a beautiful day out though it was a bit chilly and was pretty windy as well. The clouds that I had seen out that were so beautiful were being whisked away by the wind. So I hastily wrote Noah's name on the mirror and tried to snap a picture. Out of the 4-5 pictures that I took I got this:

After seeing how beautiful it turned out (in my opinion anyway!) I decided that I would like to do this for other grieving parents. It is yet another way for me to channel my grief over losing Noah into something good, something that I can share with others, something that makes my heart feel good in doing it. And, like I said above, since the pendants are at a standstill at the moment, this is something I can do in the meantime and in conjunction with and gives me a creative outlet in memory of my son.

If you would like a picture of your child's name, please send me an email of your child's name, their date of birth as well as any other information about them or your family that you would like to share to:

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